One of a pair of aggressive swans gets ready to attach photographer Adam Gray at Thrupp, Gloucestershire. Elderly home-owners living in a tranquil residential park are arming themselves with water pistols and walking sticks – to fend off a pair of aggressive SWANS.See swns story SWSWANS. Until a few months ago, the two feathery fiends, which live on a river next to the site, had lived in harmony with residents for over a decade. But people living at Hope Mill Park say the swans are becoming increasingly territorial – and have taken to attacking cars, tearing up lawns and pecking at windows. The huge birds harass cyclists, hiss at lorries and chase the postman on a daily basis – and one even attacked a toddler last year. The situation has become so bad that some residents with mobile homes on the site, near Stroud, Glos., are too scared to go outside for fear of being ambushed. In a desperate attempt to restore calm, they have resorted to taking up arms – using water guns, garden hoses, walking sticks and brooms to keep the swans at bay. Angela Helbrow, who lives right next to the river, said she is even frightened to step outside to hang her washing up – unless she has a hose to hand.

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