A google earth view detailing where Graham and Patrcia Patton have to deliver thier bins. An elderly couple have been forced to drag their bins for half a mile after a council refused to drive its bin lorry down their private lane – because of POTHOLES. See NTI story NTIBINS. Graham and Patrcia Patton have had to haul their heavy recycling bins to the end of their road since February after receiving a letter from their council, which told them their private lane wasn’t suitable for the collection vehicle. Rugby Borough Council told the couple there were too many potholes on Gossett Lane, in Brandon, Warks., and, as it is a private road, it was the responsibility of the residents to improve the condition of the tarmac. But retired assembly line labourer Graham, 73, said: “We’re really struggling and don’t know who to turn to. There are a few bumps in the road but it is not that bad. I’m a pensioner with a bad back and sciatica so dragging heavy bins down a bridle path certainly isn’t ideal.”

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