Egg the size of a tennis ball laid by chicken in Devon


A landscape gardener was left shell shocked after his chicken laid this giant egg – which is three times the average size.

Stunned Dan Rouncefield (corr), 70, found the 5oz (140g) egg after it was laid by his seven month old bird at his home in Buckfastliegh, Devon.

The average weight of an egg is around 50g (1.7oz) but Dan says his monster is as big as a fist – or a tennis ball.

He said: ”For a young pullet this is some egg. I’ve kept poultry for longer than I care to remember but I’ve never seen anything like this.

”Normally they only lay eggs of around 1oz and sometimes maybe 2oz.  This is a monster.”

The Guinness Book of World Records states that the largest ever chicken egg was laid by a Black Minorca in England in 1896, weighing nearly 12oz (340g).

A spokeswoman for the British Egg Information Service said: ”It is not a record breaker but this gentleman’s egg is exceptionally large.”


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