Eccentric Christmas lover’s “devastation” at New Year Honours snub


An eccentric who celebrates Christmas every day of the year has told of his devastation at not being part of the Queen’s New Year Honours list.

Madcap Andy Park, who calls himself Mr Christmas, has celebrated Christmas every day since July 14, 1993

Over the past 17 years Andy, 46, claims to have devoured thousands of turkeys, sipped gallons of sherry and munched many a mince pie while watching the Queen’s Speech a staggering 6,207 times.

Now the Christmas crazy electrician, from Melksham, says he was distraught when he turned on the radio to find his name hadn’t been mentioned in the New Year Honours list.

He said: “I’ve watched the Queen’s Speech over 6,000 times, so it’s the least I deserve.

“I’m devastated I haven’t been nominated for an honour – I’m at least worth a CBE for what I do at 3pm every day.

“Mick Jagger’s been knighted and although he had a few hits in the Sixties, he’s spent most of his life drinking and getting in trouble.

Andy decided to celebrate Christmas on a daily basis in 1993 when he came down feeling “a little sad”. Living off turkey and vegetables, he ballooned from 12 1/2 stone in 1993 to 21 1/2 stone three years later.

The divorcee is now down to 16 1/2 stone after cutting back on the size of turkey and champagne he consumes each day.

A spokesperson for the Queen said: “The Queen’s Honours are submitted to the cabinet for approval.

“Members of the public can nominate anyone they think deserves an honour by contacting the Cabinet Office.”


  1. I Think Mr Christmas deserves a New Year Honour, I have seen him on TV and Heard him on the Radio, he brightends up peoples lives, God we need it in January ! The Queen should be proud shes being watched everyday and too know hes a big fan of hers xxxxx Del Bristol

  2. What a star…! Heard him on the radio yesterday..he is a royal fan.
    Eccentric people like him make the world go round..lets all put his name forward for an honour..
    I saw his! hes done alot more than alot of people would dream of.
    Happy new year Mr.Christmas…
    And Good luck with everything…

    Dean and sharon smith.


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