Toni Lawless, 26 with Chuckie the dog having a drink in a pub. See Masons copy MNCHUCKIE: A heartbroken dog owner has created a poignant bucket list for her terminally ill “best friend” Chuckie to bring some happiness to his dying days. Toni Lawless, 26, was devastated to be told her beloved 13-year-old Staffie is dying of cancer after vets found an inoperable tumour on his bladder. But rather than dwell on what’s to come, Toni is focusing on brightening up her cherished pet’s final weeks with a series of carefully thought-out treats. The bucket list, which has been drawn up to include everything Chuckie loves, includes eating ice cream at the beach, buying the biggest bone possible and even going for a spa treatment. Care assistant Toni said: “I’ve had dogs since I was little, but he is the one. “He’s my best friend. He’s like my child.

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