Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Staircase Carpet


Having a carpeted staircase can add texture, colour and an extra boost of safety precautions to your house. You can definitely opt for plastic runners for protecting the carpeted staircase from gathering dirt. But this again will bring on just temporary relief. Thus, if you want to keep the flight of stairs squeaky clean then you need to follow the tips of Bestazy experts as mentioned below:

  • Selecting The Right Vacuum

Your staircase carpet also requires regular vacuuming similar to the carpet sprawling across your house. Vacuuming is imperative for removing tiny bits of gravel, dirt and debris which, when left UN catered to for long can lead to disastrous results. The standard vacuum cleaner is not designated for staircase cleaning given its bulky nature which becomes difficult to move it around the stairs. Thus, it’s best to invest in handheld, lightweight options which come with various attachment options. While vacuuming, the stairs make sure to start from the top and slowly work your way down.

  • Using A Brush Attachment

You can make use of a hose for sucking up both surface dirt and the filthy particles laying loose in the pile. Using a brush, roller attachment can lead to improved results. These attachments look like the beater brush found in your standard vacuum. This ensures longevity of your carpet by loosening up the impacted dirt.

  • Stiff Broom Cleaning

Many people stick to stiff brooms for cleaning their carpeted staircase. Such brooms are much lightweight in comparison to the traditional vacuum cleaner. Your carpet shall surely get a makeover post stiff broom cleaning. But for deep-down cleaning it is highly recommended to opt for vacuuming. Start from the top of the staircase and slowly move down while sweeping the carpeted staircase. Sweep every step meticulously until all the debris gets accumulated on the bottom floor, which can be swept or vacuumed away.

  • Steam Clean

Just like any normal carpet, you can also steam clean the staircase carpet. However, you will require a steam cleaner having a handheld hose attachment for doing the same. We do not clean our stair carpets on a regular basis. Thus, it is unnecessary to purchase a steam cleaner for sporadic use. You can readily rent the same from a local store.

  • Hand Scrubbing

If you are one of those perfectionists who is simply not satisfied with the automatic working of machines, then you can shampoo the carpet using hand. This is regarded as one of the very best spot cleaning methods. Certain stains such as those cropping from an oil base might require the administration of a pre-treatment solution for loosening the dirt from the carpet fibres. You can mix water with a specially formulated carpet shampoo until to stir up a light lather. Use a scrub brush for applying the same over your carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner to soak out as much liquid as possible out of the carpet. In case if you do not have a vacuum cleaner handy, opt for a soft and absorbent cloth or towel to pat dry the carpet by soaking out the water content.

Wall-to-wall carpets have been in vogue for quite some time. It’s all the more popular in colder countries wherein the carpets aid in insulating the house from extreme weather conditions. These carpets are an absolute must in houses having children as they prevent slipping and cushions the fall.



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