Sabrina Hopkinson with her daughter Corrina aged 16. See SWNS story SWBURGER: A furious mum has vowed to never eat McDonalds again, after claiming her daughter was “fat-shamed” for ordering SIX cheeseburgers. Sabrina Hopkinson , a mum of four, says she allowed her children a rare treat of burgers and chips over the Christmas holidays, and sent them to the local Maccy Ds. But says she was “livid” when her eldest daughter Corrina, 16, came home crying and alleged that the till-worker had called her fat while the other staff watched and laughed – because the larger girl ordered a whopping six burgers and four portions of fries. Sabrina, 37, said: “Normally we have home-cooked meals, but once in a while I let them have a treat.

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