E.T’s face found in tree trunk


A pensioner told yesterday how he rushed to phone home after he discovered the face of E.T. in a tree trunk.

E.T found in tree trunk

Spooked Pete Burford was chopping wood when the face of the alien in Steven Spielberg’s hit 1980s blockbuster stared back at him.

He quickly called shocked wife Sylvia after making the discovery in the trunk of a poplar tree at his yard in Elderfield, near Tewkesbury, Glos.

Pete, 72, of Staunton, Glos., said he was completely stunned when the image stared right back at him.

He said: ”It’s probably just one of those things in the tree, but it so looks like E.T. I couldn’t believe it.”

Wife Sylvia, 73, quickly remembered seeing what looked like a UFO 40 years ago and now the couple believe extra-terrestrials are trying to get in contact.

E.T. tells the story of Elliott, played by child star Henry Thomas, who befriends an extra-terrestrial stranded on Earth.

The alien adapts to life on Earth by learning to speak English through copying people he meets and watching episodes of Sesame Street on television.

With the help of Elliott and his brother, E.T. evades capture and returns to his home planet in a spacecraft.

After its release in 1982, the film made more than £350USD million and also won four Oscars for best sound, sound effects editing, score and visual effects.


  1. few years ago we cut a tree branch off a tree in our back yard on easter when we cut the branch off we found on the stub left on the tree was a perfect cross i have pictures someplace


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