Dumped mistress pours paint stripper over lover’s car


A spurned mistress has been given a restraining order after she poured paint stripper over her married lover’s car when he dumped her.

Jilted Corinna White, 20, vandalised Michael Blower’s Citroen Picasso after he ended their two-and-a-half year fling.

Love rat Michael, 41, confessed to the affair when his wife Claire was tipped-off but the couple agreed to try and save their marriage.

They met with White – who was just 17 when the affair started – and asked her to leave them alone so they could get their relationship back on track.

But the jealous lover became ‘obsessed’ with the couple and was once spotted travelling past their home on a bus 14 times in one day.

In April this year she poured paint stripped over the car outside their home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, causing £2,600 of damage.

White admitted one charge of criminal damage at North Somerset Courthouse and was given a two-year restraining order and told to pay £150 compensation.

A statement read to the court by Mrs Blowers said: ”The incident caused me alarm and distress to the point where I’m so depressed and find it difficult to function on a day to day basis.

”I’m unable to go to work as I’m afraid she’ll turn up at my work place.”

Sales assistant White met coach driver Michael in 2008 as he was teaching one of her best friends to drive.

The pair started texting and embarked on a two-and-a-half year relationship, during which they frequently went on trips away to Blackpool, Bournemouth and London.

But it came to an end in April this year after an anonymous caller rang Claire, 45, – who has two children from a previous relationship – at her work at Weston College to tell her her husband was having an affair.

Michael agreed to end the relationship and the couple – who have a 13-year-old daughter together – met White to ask her to give them some space.

Kevin Blackmore, prosecuting, said: ”Subsequent to that meeting there were still texts to Mrs Blowers from Corinna White, not of a threatening nature, but under circumstances when she wanted some distance.

”She also saw Corinna White go past her address on a bus 14 times in one day.”

And on May 10, White ‘lost the plot’ and poured a bottle of paint stripper over the couple’s car.

Mitigating, Charles Hart told the court White felt ”angry, completely jilted and isolated” after the relationship was abruptly ended.

Speaking yesterday, White, who has since become engaged to boyfriend David Williams, 21, said she never wanted to see Michael again.

She said: ”I had six months off work with stress and the whole thing has been very difficult for me.

”He was my first proper boyfriend and, while I knew he had a wife, he always told me he would leave her if she found out.

”I loved him and trusted him completely. He took me to places all over the country, while he worked as a coach driver.

”I would make my own way there and we would spend the week together.

”But now I know he strung me along and I never want to talk to him again.

”I know that what I did was wrong but it was a  very hard time for me and I didn’t handle it well.

”I’ve since found out he approached two of my friends before we got together.”

As well as the restraining order and fine, White was ordered to pay £50 costs and given a 12 month conditional discharge at the hearing last Thursday (26/8).

Speaking after the hearing, Mrs Blowers said: ”I believe in marriage and I will continue to work through things with my husband, with a view to developing and strengthening our relationship.

”I’m not just going to throw away the last ten years we’ve shared together.

”I do feel that, although I have done nothing wrong, it is me who has been punished by way this sequence of events.

”But I am pleased that the court has recognised that what Miss White has done is unacceptable and has ensured that she must now leave me alone.

”Hopefully she will now move on with her life and leave us alone.”


  1. Corinna white looks like she couldnt get sex off anyone anyway so she stoops low , poor claire dont know any of the above but.corinna your horrible ill keep my husband away from u

  2. Now Corinna was on Facebook saying she had deceased children and lost her mom and was trying to get people to send money to “her father”. All her pages have now been removed by Facebook.

    • Lies, Corinna still has a Facebook account as I am her friend on it. She lost 3 babies and 1 of them was Michael’s child.
      She has NEVER asked anyone to send her father money and i know that for a fact cos her father wasn’t even alive when all this happened. He died in 2006.
      Her mum is also still very much alive so before you go posting things online that you know nothing about maybe you should get the information you have been given correct!!


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