Drunk transsexual jailed for flicking urine at police officer


A drunk transsexual who stole a £2 top from a charity shop before attacking a police officer by flicking URINE at him has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Boozy Kim Goode, who underwent a sex-change op 10 years ago to make him a woman, also tried to claw a cop with her nails.

Goode launched into a rage after she was arrested for pinching a vest top from an Age Concern charity shop in Worcester on April 10.

Jobless Goode also stole a bottle of sherry from Somerfield supermarket on the same day.

On May 5 Goode was arrested again after she was booted out of Iceland supermarket for being drunk.

When officers took her back to the station she asked to go to the toilet but when her handcuffs were removed she flicked urine at a cop.

Goode admitted two counts of shoplifting and assaulting a police officer when she appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court last Friday.

Sentencing her to 12 weeks in prison, District judge Bruce Morgan said:
”She stole from a charity shop.

”A person cannot lower themselves more than stealing from a shop that is trying to raise money for others.

”As for the urine, that is quite the most disgusting thing I have heard in years.

”She blames the bias and intolerance of others rather than herself.”


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