Drunk celebrity psychic stumbles into road with pram


A celebrity TV psychic who drunkenly stumbled into the street whilst pushing a pram before kicking and spitting at a police officer has walked free from court.

Boozy Julie Guest, 37, was spotted struggling down the A449 in Malvern, Worcs., with a buggy before falling into the busy main road on October 9 last year.

A worried member of the public called police who rushed to the scene to quiz her.

But Guest – star of Living TV’s Most Haunted and Sky’s Psychic Interactive – ‘lost the plot’ and screamed ‘I’m going to kick off in a minute’.

She then spat in a male police officer’s face before kicking him in the shin during a boozy struggle.

Guest, of Malvern, Worcs., claimed she had only had one large glass of wine which had reacted badly with prescription drugs she was taking.

She later admitted assaulting a police officer after being drunk in charge of a child.

And at Worcester Magistrates court on Friday, she was given 100 hours’ unpaid work and ordered to complete 12 months supervision with the Probation Service.

She was also ordered to pay #385 in costs and #50 compensation to the injured police officer.

Guest was also found guilty of resisting arrest following an incident on June 9 last year, in which it was claimed she slumped on a child whilst being interviewed by police.

She was found not guilty of wilfully exposing a child to harm or injury in relation to that incident.

Mark Johnson, prosecuting, alleged Guest had been drinking alcohol after ”falling off the wagon”.

But magistrates said there was no evidence of alcohol consumption and the child was not at risk of significant harm.

They concluded she was suffering from the side effects of prescribed anti-depressants and migraine tablets.

The court heard how she had a previous conviction for being drunk in charge of a child and assaulting two paramedics.

Five years ago Guest sparked fury when she got drunk and flashed her boobs on ITV’s ‘Holiday Showdown’ programme.

Guest now makes a living as a psychic medium and runs charges customers £45-an-hour for readings, dream interpretations and even exorcisms.

On her Facebook profile she says: ”Got issues like everyone else but hey wouldn’t you have if you talked to the dead for a living?”

Guest wore a garish turquoise Indian-style trouser suit to court and was accompanied by her husband Christian, 37.

Guest refused to comment after leaving court.


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