Drunk attempts to heave concrete boulder from floor for 17 minutes despite it being fixed to the ground


Hilarious footage of a drunk man attempting to pick up a fixed concrete boulder from the ground for 17 MINUTES has gone viral.

The footage, taken on Friday (13/11) in Romford, Essex shows the have-a-go weightlifter make numerous attempts to lift the boulder in front of bemused onlookers.

Despite his best efforts, the man makes no headway and eventually gives up, but not after falling over several times.

The internet sensation also tries to beckon a car into a space in the car-park, even though the car has been parked and is already empty.
MASONS_DRUNK_BOULDER_03_2The video, taken by Jon Wickington outside Brickyard Bar and Grill concludes with the star sitting on the boulder and looking into the sky.

Jon, 43, couldn’t believe what he saw and managed to capture the drunk on his mobile phone.

The farce was also watched by an open-mouthed women who walked past while pushing her baby in a buggy.
MASONS_DRUNK_BOULDER_08_2 Jon said: “It’s not every day you look out of your window and you see a guy trying to lift up a concrete boulder.

“This guy just came along and tried to pick it up, he was there for quite some time.

“They must weight 150 kilos if not more and it’s concreted to the floor, you know straight away you’re not going to be picking it up.

“He threw up over the boulder, he trips over it twice and then falls over when he tries to sit on it, nearly knocking over that woman with the pram.

“But I think the funniest thing is him pointing that parked car backwards, even though no-one had been in it for 20 minutes.

“I was quite surprised when it went viral, you can view pretty much anything on your phone and I’m quite a fan of Live Leaks so for me to have some sort of video go viral is great.”


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