Drug rehab worker’s son died after taking ecstasy on lads’ weekend

Tragic Nick and his girlfriend Leah Wilkins
Nick Bonnie with his girlfriend Leah Wilkins, whom he sent a text to hours before he died
Tragic Nick and his girlfriend Leah Wilkins
Nick Bonnie with his girlfriend Leah Wilkins, whom he sent a text to hours before he died

The son of a drug rehabilitation worker who died after taking ecstasy on a ‘lads weekend’ sent a romantic text to his girlfriend just hours before his death, it emerged yesterday (Weds).

Nick Bonnie, 30, died while on a night out with friends after taking what is believed to be a ‘bad batch’ of the party drug.

The Prince’s Trust manager, who had attended the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, died in the early hours of Saturday morning in Manchester.

Just hours before collapsing, whilst at the Warehouse Project in Trafford, Bonnie sent his girlfriend, Leah Wilkins, a text telling her how much he loved her.

Nick’s mother Pauline, who works for The Nelson Trust residential drug and alcohol rehab centre, said: “Leah is a broken young woman who will never be the same again.

“They were a perfect couple. A beautiful couple and they loved each other so much – he even sent a text to Leah at 11pm that evening saying he loved her.

“Whether his drink was spiked, I don’t know but there’s no proof that he voluntarily took these substances.

“Please don’t judge our son and don’t assume he’s a drug user. The hole he’s left will never be filled.”

Nick, who lived with his girlfriend in Bristol, died on a weekend away in Manchester with a group of friends from his home town of Stroud, Glos.

But he fell ill after taking the party drug ecstasy and died shortly after seeking medical help.

Four of his friends and another 10 clubbers also reported feeling ill after supposedly taking a “bad batch” of drugs.

In a tribute Nick’s parents, Pauline and Andy, both 56, said: “Nick was known by many as having a big heart, big personality and the most infectious smile in Stroud.

“He lost his life tragically, senselessly and needlessly on a lads’ weekend.

“This has devastated the lives of us, his two brothers Thomas and Ryan, and his beautiful, devoted girlfriend Leah.

“Everyone who knew Nick is aware he loved life, lived it to the max and, in making this one stupid mistake, it has cost him his life.

“We hope we may have gone some way in helping in the realisation that drinking and use of any illicit drugs are a killer with consequences that will devastate lives forever.

“Our lives and all those who were blessed to share part of his, are broken.

“Our life will never be the same without Nick and he will never be forgotten.”

Nick died at Manchester Royal Infirmary at 4.30am on Saturday.


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