DriveRight Plan Global Representation and New Product Launch at Reifen 2016


imageSponsored Global wheel and tyre and automotive data specialists DriveRightData are providing representation for their international business units at Reifen 2016.

After acquiring a six figure venture capital sum from financiers Finance Wales, the company has undertaken a period of rapid expansion, opening sales outlets in the USA, South Korea and Brazil and taken up a new facility in the MIRA Industrial Park near Birmingham in the UK.

The results of the expansion and subsequent new appointments will be accumulated with the attendance of all of the key sales and marketing team when the show starts in May 2016.

DriveRightData claims it will be introducing a dynamic team to the industry, with “vast expertise and experience” in the automotive industry.

Supporting founder and CEO Richard Bailey and CMO Sacha Hold, will be:
Klemens Matczynski, Senior Manager Business Development Europe.

Julia Walther, Sales Administrator and Key Account Manager Europe.

Jack Karamian, Vice President Sales, North America.

Ji Hyun Kim, Vice President Sales, Asia-Pacific.

Vanessa Crucifix, Representative DriveRightData France.

Rien de Bruijn, Representative DriveRightData Netherlands

DriveRightData to release TyreFit 5.0 at Reifen.

DriveRightData will be taking the opportunity at Reifen 2016 to release the latest version of its online fitment guide – TyreFit 5.0 with; it claims “a number of notable enhancements”.

Since the first release of a printed fitment guided in 2001 the company moved into a new era of digital data supply in 2003 with the launch of the first electronic fitment guide. TyreFit 1.0 was compiled with mainly European cars, around the 8500 mark. The guide contained OE and Aftermarket fitment wheel and tyre info, plus calculated “upsteps” or plus and minus sizing and a UK VRM search.

Over the years TyreFit 2 and 3 saw vast enhancements. The ability to refine a search by multiple languages and vehicle specific region was included along with an HSN-TSN search and the ability to return information from KType was introduced. A tyre and wheel fitment finder returning a list of suitable vehicles was released in version 3 and the total number of vehicles now exceeded 50,000.
TyreFit 5.0 will be released at Reifen with new features and a complete new structure:

  • The application will have three main search functions:

o Vehicle fitment data
o Tyre product data
o Wheel product data

  • Under Vehicle fitment data we offer e.g. the following new features

o VRM Searches (number plate searches) returning vehicle information for eight European countries plus New Zealand with more planned in the near future like USA.
o Vehicle searches based on ACES/AIAA US-Standard to reflect the needs in the US
o TPMS-Data incorporated in the vehicle data section

  • Tyre product data search – A new function that gives users the ability to input tyre specific attributes to get output of tyre product data including EAN code, tyre label information and product images.
  • Wheel product data search – Another new function giving users the ability to input wheel specific attributes to get output of wheel product data including EAN code and product images. Also included is the ability to search for a vehicle and get all relevant wheels within our database that will fit that vehicle.

DriveRightData claim the new TyreFit will be the most comprehensive fitment guide in the industry and invite show attendees to take the opportunity to view the product.


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