Driver Jumped From Moving Car During Police Chase – Leaving TODDLER In The Back Seat

A toddler was found in this abandoned Volkswagen Golf.

A young driver jumped out of a moving car while on the run from police – leaving a TODDLER in its back seat.

Callum Shepherd, 19, has admitted numerous driving offences following a fail to stop incident in Rotherham town centre on Saturday 18 November.

The 18-month-old boy was found in a car seat in the back of a silver Volkswagen Golf when it was dumped in a street after the driver jumped out to evade arrest.

An officer spotted the car and began following it when the driver “started to make off”.

The driver jumped a set of red lights and sped dangerously around Rotherham town centre, South Yorks., during the morning pursuit on Sunday (October 19).

He abandoned the vehicle after driving down a cul-de-sac – jumping from the car while it was still moving.

Thankfully the 18-month-year-old boy inside the car was discovered unhurt by officers.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “The pursuing officer was surprised to find a seat in the rear of the car.

“They were even more surprised to find an 18-month-old little boy in it, thankfully uninjured, happily rubbing a slice of pizza all over his face.

“The driver did their best to escape but unfortunately for them police dog Bruce and his handler were nearby.

“Bruce tracked the driver over fields and detained them until his handler could arrest them.

“Unfortunately the driver thought it was a good idea to try and fight Bruce off – Bruce won.

“The driver has had a trip to hospital for their injuries treating.

“Most infuriatingly of all it appears as though the reason the driver didn’t stop was that their car was on false plates to hide the fact they didn’t have any insurance or an appropriate driving licence.

“That someone would put themselves and others at risk for something like that always beggars belief.

“That they would do it with their baby in the car is unbelievable.”

Shepherd pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, driving without insurance and driving not in accordance with a driving licence at Sheffield Magistrates Court, South Yorks., on November 20.

He will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on December 11.


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