Drive like one of England’s World Cup footballers

The Mercedes-Benz CL500 is England goalkeeper Joe Hart's preferred car
The Mercedes-Benz CL500 is England goalkeeper Joe Hart's preferred car

It’s started. World Cup fever has gripped the nation, as the international tournament kicks off in Brazil. The seventeen men who make up the England squad are staking their claim for the cup right now, hoping to bring the glory back home after a long 48 years since the last World Cup victory.

For the fans watching them, especially those who secretly want to be them, their decisions both on and off the pitch have come under intense scrutiny. Aspects of life, such as homes, wives and even cars are endlessly discussed and analysed.

Here, Carworld Supermarket leaps onto the bandwagon and takes a look at the cars owned by eight key members of the England team.

Joe Hart

England’s goalkeeper has a crucial job to do, with much resting on his gloved hands. He must ensure a safe, professional performance with no margin for error. So his choice of the reliable Mercedes Benz CL is a perfect one, offering speed and glamour with comfort and safety built in.

The Mercedes-Benz CL500 is England goalkeeper Joe Hart's preferred car
The Mercedes-Benz CL500 is England goalkeeper Joe Hart’s preferred car

Ashley Cole

Once the bad boy of football, Cole has opted for Mercedes too, driving a SLG 63 AMG with a top speed of 186 mph. Let’s hope his performance on the pitch I just as impressive. This is a pricey car, but a great one and it looks absolutely stunning.

Glen Johnson

Served with a six-month driving ban earlier this year, Glen Johnson failed to tell the police who was at the wheel of his Audi when it was clocked doing nearly 70mph in a 50mph zone. Clearly a fan of the supercar, Johnson has also reportedly owned a Bentley Continental GT and an Aston Martin DB9 Vantage.

Kyle Walker

Another Audi fan, Walker has splashed the cash on an Audi R8 – a beautiful, high performance car. He’s in good company. Fellow footballers, Petr Cech (Chelsea), Theo Walcott (Arsenal) and Micha Richards (Manchester City) all own the same model.

Steven Gerrard

A firm motor fan, Steve Gerrard has changed cars almost as often as football shirts. From a Jaguar XKR to a top of the range Range Rover Sport, his position in the top 100 on the Forbes Richlist clearly allows him to indulge his love of cars.

Frank Lampard

I the spotlight for his footballing skills for once, rather than his love life, Lampard impresses his friends, family and fans with a Ferrari 458 in a striking red colour to match the England cross.

Daniel Sturridge

The only player to score in England’s opening match against Italy, Daniel Sturridge must have celebrated too when he picked up the keys to his beautiful Porsche Panamera, a cool, classic sports car with smooth, elegant lines.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney has dropped some of his eye-watering salary on a Lamborghini Gallardo, estimated at £250,000 and capable of speeds topping 200mph. It’s a car of dreams that will have heads turning every time you take it for a spin. Not quite so suitable for those trips to the supermarket, however.

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