Dog’s dinner: packet of rice contained congealed meat


A diner told of his horror after he opened a packet of microwaveable rice and discovered it contained congealed MEAT.

Dog's dinner - packet of rice contained congealed meat

Shocked Noel Briscoe, 70, had heated up the packet of egg fried rice to accompany his steak supper.

But when he opened the 69p pack of Hori rice – bought from Farm Foods in Torquay – he found that it actually contained some variety of meat.

He showed the contents to his wife, who suggested he must have overcooked it, but discovered it contained no rice and the product actually resembled ”dog food”.

Noel, of Torquay in Devon, said: ”I was about to pour the rice onto my plate when I saw something black. I looked in the packet and was horrified.

”I thought that doesn’t look like burnt rice. No way. It looked like dog vomit. My initial thought was that it looked like meat. I couldn’t see anything that looked like rice in it.”

Noel opened the packet, which had a best before date listed as April 2, 2012, while watching Ireland take on France in a Six Nations rugby match last Sunday (13/02).

He has now made a complaint to Farm Foods and contacted Trading Standards, which plans to analyse the contents.

A Farm Foods spokesman said the complaint was being taken seriously and that an investigation would be launched.

He said: ”We take all complaints very seriously. We would urge the customer to return the product to the store so we are able to fully investigate the matter.”


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