DJ strangled church-going girlfriend to death after she left HAIR in the plug hole

Strangled Korean student Da In Lee
Strangled Korean student Da In Lee

A DJ yesterday admitted strangling his church-going student girlfriend – because she left hair in the plug hole.

Daniel Jones, 27, killed South Korean national Da In Lee, 22, on Easter Sunday last year before hiding her body under a duvet at his flat in Tipton, West Mids.

The self-styled gangster rapper who went by the name ‘Conscious D’, then boarded a train 100 miles away to Bristol where he was arrested the next day.


Strangled Korean student Da In Lee
Strangled Korean student Da In Lee



Daniel Jones admitted manslaughter


Jones was cleared by a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court of murdering Miss Lee but admitted manslaughter.

Jones was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on February 14.

During the two week trial, the court heard Jones met Miss Lee, who was studying international relations and sociology at Aston University, at a local church.

Their friendship soon developed into a relationship but they split up shortly before Miss Lee was killed.

The court heard that on the night Miss Lee died, she had stayed at Jones’ flat as they were preparing to get back together.

But an argument over chores escalated until Jones launched at Miss Lee over hair which was stuck in the bath plug hole.

The self-styled gangster rapper who went by the name 'Conscious D'. He denied murder but admitted manslaughter
The self-styled gangster rapper who went by the name ‘Conscious D’. He denied murder but admitted manslaughter

Prosecutor Gordon Aspden told the jury: “He (Jones) agreed that around 7pm on Easter Sunday he had killed Da In Lee.

“He said the background had been a petty quarrel over household chores and hair being found in the plughole.

“The two of them had started pushing each other. He said he had caused her to fall over and then quickly he got on top of her.

“He said when Miss Lee had been underneath him she had struggled and screamed so he put his left hand over her mouth.

“He had then taken hold of her throat with his right hand.”

The court also heard Jones watched as Miss Lee’s face went a “purplish blue” colour before she stopped breathing.

The body of Da In Lee was discovered at this house in Tipton, West Midlands
The body of Da In Lee was discovered at this house in Tipton, West Midlands

Giving evidence, he told the court: “Before I knew it my hand was on her windpipe.

“It was only on her throat a matter of seconds.

“I did not intentionally press down.”

After killing Miss Lee, Jones put her body in his bed and covered it with a duvet before fleeing to Bristol where he confessed what he had done to his ex-girlfriend.

She contacted police in Somerset who then raised the alarm with colleagues in the West Midlands.

Officers forced entry to the flat and found Miss Lee’s body at 6.50pm on Monday April 9.

Jones was arrested after police in Bristol found him on board a train heading for Birmingham at the city’s Temple Mead station.

Speaking from their home in South Korea after the case, Miss Lee’s father, Kwan Foo Lee, and mother, Eun Suk, said: “Our family has been ripped apart by the tragic events of last Easter and we have been too emotionally ill to travel to England for the trial.

“Knowing the person responsible has pleaded guilty to manslaughter offers us small comfort.

“We would like Da In to be remembered as a kind, gentle, intelligent and loving daughter.

“We would especially like to thank all the staff at Aston University for all their help and support when we came to England for our daughter’s funeral.”

Detective Sergeant Harry May, who investigated the case for West Midlands Police, added: “This was a particularly sad case, as Da In’s family had sent her to England to seek a better education and life.

“Her death has devastated her family back in South Korea.

“Her mother and father have both suffered ill health and were too unwell to attend the trial.

“The judge has today indicated that Jones will receive a lengthy prison sentence on 14 February for this very serious offence.

“I hope they can take some comfort from that and start to rebuild their lives.”


  1. This kind of violence is hardly unusual.
    As most of us know, this guy was ‘expressing his race-hate’ and racial domination over her through the usual method – sex – and sometimes the (pale-skinned) girl ‘objects’, so violent domination ensues…stemming from the fact he was never with the girl for love (or anything healthy) anyway. Just the usual sexual racism…this time replaced by ‘the other option’ violent racism.

    This poor girl seems to have suffered from her own naivete of the realities of life, and society ignoring the inherent racism of the black community that makes so many lives a misery. Yet more blood on the hands of political correctness (ie state-sponsored lies).

    It’s ironic that these naive types are actually feeding racists with their ultimate pleasure; instead of going against racism, as many tell themselves.

    So the endless question continues: when are we going to deal with REAL racism? Rather than targeting the only nigh-on non-racist community on Earth?

    Rest In Peace, Da In Lee.


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