Disgusting photos of kitchen at Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom’s swanky B&B show leaking fridges, mouldy equipment and dirty ovens


These disgusting photos reveal the shocking state of the kitchen at Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom Parker’s swanky B&B.
SWNS_GOGGLEBOX_PARKER_10Stomach-churning snaps, taken behind the scenes at The Salutation, show an oven black with grease and overflowing, blocked sinks.

In one picture, a leg of rotting lamb, wrapped in a leaking plastic bag, drips to the bottom of a grimy fridge which is thick with grime.

Another shows three inches of foul yellow water in the bottom of a leaking fridge with a dead fly swimming in it.

Lifeless insects also float in a revolting orange ‘stew’ of pungent water, fat and leftovers in a blocked waste disposal sink.
SWNS_GOGGLEBOX_PARKER_11Other photos show the inside of an ice machine used to prep guests’ drinks, which is covered in slime and mould, unswept floors and a chaotic storeroom.

Meals prepared in the shambolic kitchen are served to posh guests in The Salutation’s luxuriously-decorated restaurant, The Dining Room.

There, guests who fork out up to £200 per night for a room in the B&B, in Sandwich, Kent, can enjoy mains costing upwards of £20 each.
SWNS_GOGGLEBOX_PARKER_01An insider said: “The hygiene standards in the kitchen are absolutely atrocious. They were given a one star rating.

“People have this image of the hotel being a posh, five star hotel but that is not the case when you look inside the kitchen.

“In the ice machine there is mould. They use that ice to serve drinks at the bar.

“The freezers are never cleaned out. The dishwashers aren’t cleaned. The fridges have got mould inside them and there are pools of water dripping from fish and meat.

“Quite often food is left uncovered and unlabelled. People aren’t aware of the hygiene standards when they spend a lot of money there.

“The quality of the food is good and the service is nice, but the environment in which it is prepared is dirty.

“It is a matter of time before someone gets ill, but it is not taken seriously.”
SWNS_GOGGLEBOX_PARKER_13The worrying photos, taken by an anonymous source, expose poor hygiene practices at Steph and Dom’s B&B in Sandwich, Kent.

They have surfaced as it is revealed the hotel’s upmarket restaurant was slapped with a one star hygiene rating by Dover District Council.

The rating, which was handed out on July 12 after an inspection in May, means “major improvements” are required.
SWNS_GOGGLEBOX_PARKER_08The source added: “Steph and Dom are aware. They visit once or twice a month but they haven’t got much involvement with the kitchen.

“They know about it but they do nothing about it. They know it is nasty and that they would get a low hygiene rating.

“People should not be eating there.”

The insider added that standards went downhill when rumours began that Steph and Dom plan to sell the property.

Less than a month ago Dom also lost a tribunal against his former chef, Michael Henderson, and was ordered to pay £3,500 for sacking him with no notice.

A spokesman for Steph and Dom said: “The Salutation takes matters of hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and any matters raised have been noted and addressed accordingly.”


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