GV of St John’s Primary School in Portobello, Edinburgh, showing the distance Keir Wallace has to be carried when the disabled bay is blocked. The space is being regularly used by a non-disabled resident of the street, meaning eight-year-old Keir Wallace has to be carried from the school to his car. Oct 1 2015. See Centre Press story CPPARK; A disabled boy has to be carried 100 yards into school — because a charity chief insists on using the disabled parking bay outside.Keir Wallace, eight, suffers from a rare condition which can unexpectedly leave him in agony and unable to walk. He is just one of two people in the UK who suffer from familial cold auto-inflammatory syndrome type 2 (FCAS) which causes severe pain in his joints. But the youngster’s parents are unable to stop in the disabled parking space outside his primary school because it is regularly used by a resident of the street.

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