Digital Marketing Heavyweights Mark Ling, Anik Singal, and John Rhodes Partner in Mega Online Marketing Workshop

Serial entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker, Anik Singal

World-renowned digital marketing experts Anik Singal,Mark Ling and John Rhodes have partnered to create a big online workshop captioned “Learn Build Earn” (LBE). Known simply as Mark Ling’s LBE course, the 14-module webinar features a comprehensive training course on online marketing for digital entrepreneurs, and is hosted by John Rhodes.

LBE promises to teach attendees how to leverage proven marketing strategies and digital products to dominate their niches and enjoy sustained success. Given the fact that all three partners have built very successful digital businesses, their star power is expected to attract lots of aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world despite the workshop’s high subscription price of about $2,500 – the LBE official website claims the course already has more than 65,000 subscribers.

All aspects of marketing

Marketing enthusiasts will find LBE an interesting proposition. The workshop promises to cover all aspects of marketing in depth, including:

  • Product creation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Copywriting
  • Business operations and management
  • Business analytics
  • Quality traffic acquisition
  • Effective web page creation
Serial entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker, Anik Singal
Serial entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker, Anik Singal

Given the fact that there are already thousands of materials on these subjects, and the fact that a majority of digital marketing ventures do not succeed, it will be interesting to see just what LBE producers do differently. One of the partners, Anik Singal says, “One great thing Mark has achieved with LBE is to show that in digital marketing, the difference between success and failure is usually having the right knowledge, which itself is rare”.

More than just another webinar

LBE producers state that the workshop isn’t just another marketing webinar. Attendees can ask questions of Mark Ling on any relevant subject on the workshop’s weekly, live Q&A sessions. The course also features a Members Only forum where attendees share ideas, as well as receive useful tips from renowned coaches in a private room.

Other perks of the course include 90-day 24/7 support, free logo design, 6-month free website hosting, and free access to professional marketing resources.

About the producers

“Learn Build Earn” was created by Mark Ling in close partnership with Anik Singal and John Rhodes.

Mark Ling – Ling is a well-known entrepreneur with years of experience in digital marketing, wealth creation and self-development. He is the creator of several affiliate marketing tools including Affilorama and Traffic Travis. He is also co-creator of the self-improvement project, Amazing Self.

According to Ling, LBE is more than 15 years of hands-on learning and experience in digital business transferred to attendees in a matter of weeks to help them quickly become the kind of success they desire.

Anik Singal – Anik Singal is a serial entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker. He has several years of experience in digital marketing and has created numerous successful products in the niche including Profit Academy, Passion to Profit and the Inbox series.

The CEO and founder of Lurn Inc. was among the top 3 entrepreneurs in the US in 2008 per BusinessWeek. His courses have attracted more than 250,000 students and he is known to support his students and other entrepreneurs in launching their own businesses and products.

John Rhodes – John Rhodes is a former student and close associate of Mark Ling. The two have worked together on some projects including free eBook, “The Destiny Opportunity”.



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