Digital fleet management breakthrough


GPSLive Fleet – Fleet Management Software has been launched to help businesses manage their vehicles on the digital platform

Rewire Security, UK’s GPS Tracking experts have launched their fleet management software to provide business a new tool for managing their fleet easily – GPSLive Fleet cloud based GPS tracking software.


Rewire Security has launched their cloud-based fleet management software – GPSLive Fleet. GPSLive Fleet has been designed to help businesses manage their vehicle fleet and enhance their operations. GPSLive Fleet empowers fleet managers by providing extensive knowledge about their vehicles on the roads, drivers and all the technical aspects of a fleet operation, as well as usage and mileage, reports that fleet businesses will find to be very useful. GPSLive Fleet offers an extra layer of security for your drivers and vehicles as well as a solution to monitor driver-related problems for your fleet.

GPSLive Fleet is equipped with a lot of useful features that will allow you to monitor and analyze every aspect of your fleet. The tracking website can be accessed from any computer without having to install any software. IOS, Android compatible mobile app for IOS & Android based smart devices come free of charge with a GPSLive Fleet subscription. The app displays real-time location and vehicle events in real-time as well as instant notifications for important vehicle events. Managing a fleet has never been easier in the history, being able to locate any vehicle, any time anywhere in the world gives the manager peace of mind.

Fleet management systems do much more than simply navigating drivers between locations for businesses. Using advanced telematics devices and a reliable fleet management software, managers are able to view previous routes taken, fuel levels, driver identification, speed, movement and stop durations, engine idling and more. One of the biggers problems for a business with a lot of vehicles and drivers is that fleet drivers have a lot of freedom on the road and if not properly managed, they can lower the performance of your business. GPSLive Fleet helps business to monitor the behavior of their drivers and advise them accordingly to improve the security of both their vehicles and drivers.

Whenever a customer in need calls, dispatcher needs to choose a vehicle to respond to the request as quickly as possible, managers using GPSLive Fleet can monitor all of the fleet vehicles in real-time, so they can easily identify the closest employee and direct them to the client. Not only you can direct the nearest vehicle, you can also reroute drivers through traffic, accidents and possible road maintenance with the use of live traffic data to reduce the time it takes to get from one customer to the next.

One of the biggest expenses for any business with vehicles is fuel bills. A driver who’s idling for an hour every day or a speed racer may result in excessive fuel usage. Managers are able to monitor the fuel levels and fuel usage for the previous months using GPSLive Fleet. Advanced fleet reports allow you to maintain a healthy fleet and maintaining a healthy fleet has its bonuses, the insurance discounts. Fleet tracking systems reduce the fleet insurance premiums considerably by providing accurate data for mileage calculation, improving driver and fleet safety. Whether your fleet consists of 10 cars or 1000 trucks, fleet tracking systems are the most effective tool to improve your business performance and profitability.

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