File picture of Grampian Growers Managing Director Mark Clark inspecting a field of daffodils on the 15th of March 2012 .See swns story SWDAFFS. What a difference a year makes …These shocking pictures, taken 12 months apart, show how the weather has affected the Scottish daffodil season. Last year, the field in Montrose, Angus, was ablaze with the yellow flowers but this year it’s a bleak, barren landscape, after being blasted by freezing March temperatures and a deluge of snow. Grampian Growers say the blooms haven’t sprouted this year because despite rumours that Spring started on Wednesday, Scotland is still in the grip of winter weather. Managing director Mark Clark is now expecting a huge loss in income as they battle to win contracts with shops when they don’t even have any daffodils to sell.

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