Collect photos of Amber Girling before anorexia . Amber Girling, 20, from Chatham, Kent, started taking slimming pills when she was just 17. See swns story SWPILLS. An anorexic whose weight plummeted to four stone after she got addicted to diet pills has spoken out about the dangers following the death of tragic student Ella Parry. Amber was a healthy nine stone when girls at her school started picking on her curvy figure when she was aged 17. She started dieting and exercising three days a week but when she didn’t lose weight fast enough she turned to slimming pills. Within months she had ramped up her gym sessions to seven days a week and was eventually consuming just 200 calories a day – eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice and ice. Pretty Amber was soon necking up to 90 pills a WEEK and was suffering excruciating stomach pains while her skin was telling yellow. Her worried sister Demi, 22, eventually confronted Amber and drove her to hospital where she forced her to confront her eating disorder and addiction. After a five month stay at a specialist clinic healthy Amber was discharged weighing eight stone and hasn’t touched the pills since.

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