Diego Maradona’s Porsche for sale – for £320,000


A cheeky car salesman is cashing in on Diego Maradona’s name by selling the football legend’s old Porsche – for a staggering £320,000.

The Argentinean ace bought the Porsche 924 in 1980 as a rising sports star and it’s believed to be one of only a few cars the legend owned – with his other motors belonging to the various football clubs he’s played for.

And according to the seller, a previous owner of this stature warrants an enormous premium because while a 924 in decent condition is worth between £2,000 and £3,000, Maradona’s old model is up for 160 TIMES the price at £320,000.

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Buenos Aires-based dealer Federico E. Gáspari said: “The first owner was Diego Armando Maradona, when he was only 19-years-old.

“This is a very good example particularly because I have all the documents with Maradona’s name on them and everything is in perfect condition – it’s all original.”

For the same price as THREE new 200mph Porsche 911 Turbos, the Porsche 924 is fitted with a 2-litre engine developing a mere 125bhp – enabling a top speed of just 125mph.

The Porsche has a brown leather interior and appears to be in immaculate condition – a rarity for an ex-Maradona car, with a number of the World Cup-winning footballer’s motors having been involved in prangs over the years.

In the past, cars with famous owners have fetched massive price-tags with David Beckham’s BMW M3 selling for £90,000 – £75,000 more than it was worth. His old TVR also fetched a premium on Ebay recently.

However, despite the condition of Maradona’s old Porsche, it’s unlikely the seller will get his asking price.

Stuart Gallagher, editor of GT Porsche magazine said: “The Porsche 924 was a very good little sports car that’s cheap to run and fun to drive but it doesn’t matter whose name is on the log book, it’s not worth £320,000.

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  1. It may be worth that if old Diego has accidentally left a brick or two of his performance powder in there. Otherwise, the dealer is dreaming and will be stuck with a brown Porsche for quite some time.


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