Diba Industries, Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patent for Multistage Syringe Assembly


dibaDiba Industries, Inc., a leader in precision fluid handling solutions to global OEM leaders in diagnostics, life sciences and medical devices, announced today the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent for a multistage syringe assembly. The patent for invention number 9,579,687 is the sixth patent award for Diba Industries.

The multi-stage syringe offers two chambers for widely varied dispense volumes with a single plunger. Precision dispense is enabled by a smaller glass chamber in the first stage of the syringe, while the second stage contains a larger gross dispense chamber that can be used to expedite a wash cycle or other application. A novel plunger design enables seamless operation between the two chambers.

The benefit of the multi-stage syringe is that it can reduce the number of syringes and pumps required in a diagnostic instrument. This brings down instrument costs while also reducing wash cycle times. The dual stage syringe also enables smaller instruments, as OEMs respond to market pressure to design to smaller footprints or create point-of-care machines.

Diba is currently speaking to customers about commercial applications.


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