Diabetic DJ locked overnight in theme park


Theme park staff were forced to apologise after a diabetic was locked in the car park over night – for seven HOURS.

Angry Alan Carr, 23, was forced to spend the night in the back of his van after the security gates were locked before he left.

Alan, a mobile disk jockey, had been working at a private function at the Crealy Adventure Park, near Exeter, Devon.

But by midnight the gates were locked and buildings were in darkness and Alan, a diabetic, realised he couldn’t get out.

He dialled 999 but was told emergency crews couldn’t help and he was only let out when security guards arrived at 7.30am.

Alan said: ”I drove round and round but no lights were on and the gates were locked.

”I rang 999 and spoke to the police. They said they would contact the alarm company who would get hold of a key-holder to come and let me out. No one came.

”It wasn’t until 7.30am that the duty manager arrived and asked me if I had been there all night.

”I’m a Type One diabetic and luckily I was equipped with my blood glucose monitoring kit, glucose tablets and insulin. I just wanted to get home.”

Attraction spokesman Rod Pearson said: ”We are sorry for this miscommunication. A review of the park’s closing procedures and staff retraining are now underway.”

A police spokesman added: ”Had we been made aware of problems with getting hold of the key-holder earlier, we could have assisted in making other arrangements to help this man.”


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