Mick and Sue Plant, with the original christmas cards they have given to each other for the last 37 years. A loved-up couple who have exchanged the same Christmas cards for almost four decades have had the originals replicated by Hallmark as a very special gift. See NTI story NTICARD. Old romantics 72-year-old Mick Plant and Sue Plant, 55, first sent each other seasonal greetings in 1978, the year they met. For the next 37 years the devoted pair added a new message on the same card, along with the date it was penned as a unique memoir. When their son’s girlfriend, Andrea Taylor, 32, who works for Hallmark cards found out she told her boss. The famous card producers commissioned a blank replica of the original as a unique gift for the lovers and etched their story into a plaque on their Bradford factory’s Hall of Fame.

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