Development of 450 homes set to ease London housing crisis

The City of London is home to several FTSE 100 companies
The City of London

Pans for 450 new homes in regions close to London are set to ease the housing crisis in the capital, it was claimed today.

The £71 million project being undertaken by development firm UVEE was set up specifically to ease the burden on property in London.

The new homes will be linked to the vast building works in the city – such as the current office construction around Kings Cross – and provide commuter accommodation for the influx of workers.

The City of London is home to several FTSE 100 companies
The City of London has sparked a jobs boom but a housing shortage

Houses in nearby towns such as Bedford, Peterborough and Milton Keynes will be ‘a practical solution for those wishing to work in the capital’.

UVEE spokesman Nick Sellman said: ‘As anyone who travels in and out of the city via King’s Cross St Pancras will know, major building works are currently taking place there.

‘Over the next two years this building project will be completed, creating 5 million square feet of new office space.

‘The good news is this will lead to 35,000 new jobs in the city – jobs that come from companies including Google, BNP Paribas and Louis Vuitton.

‘The only problem is that workers must find suitable places to live without having to resort to a long commute each way every day. This is where the UVEE project comes in.’

UVEE has cquired a variety of sites situated near to the main transport links coming into the city. Among the sites chosen are Peterborough, Bedford and Milton Keynes. When the new homes are built, city workers will be able to invest in them and still be close to their place of work, thanks to the shorter journey time involved to get from A to B.

Nick added: ‘The aim is for workers in London to have access to affordable living in cool city centre apartments.

‘The locations we have found in places such as Milton Keynes and Peterborough are ideal for workers in Central London to use, as well as to set up their first home in. We hope to regenerate these areas and provide those living there with a convenient 30- to 45-minute journey into London.’

UVEE is a property development company that has been created with the specific target of making it more affordable to live close to the city. With a target of finding key development sites in key locations, the business hopes to make a big difference to the current situation. The UVEE website will provide further details about the plan and how it will change the lives of those who will end up living in the new accommodation.

For more information on UVEE and the development project itself, contact Nick Sellman 07894583622 email –


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