Devastated Dad Appeals For The Bracelet That Contains His Dads Ashes To Be Returned After Theft

Richard Moss with his wife Lisa.
Richard Moss with his wife Lisa.
Richard Moss with his wife Lisa. 

A devastated man who lost his father earlier this year has begged for the return of the bracelet containing his ashes after it was STOLEN from his van.

Chavez Robinson, 21, said the bracelet was of “massive sentimental value” and the “most treasured” item he owned.

It was stolen from his van on June 16 while he helped his friend with some work and he has offered a £500 reward for its return.

There was no forced entry into the van and it remains a mystery how it was taken.

Richard Moss with his wife Lisa
Richard Moss with his wife Lisa

Chavez said: “I left the bracelet in the van when I went to help a friend with a job.

“I don’t usually wear it to work and I only had it on because I was wearing casual clothes and didn’t expect to be working.

“I left the van at the job overnight and when I went back in the morning the bracelet had gone.

“I took the van to pieces looking for it.

“This is my most treasured item and I can’t believe it has gone.

“I have put up a reward of £500 and I’m not bothered who brings it back.

“I just want it back, please return it.”

His father Richard Moss, 39, died from an inoperable brain tumour in February this year just one month after the devastating diagnosis.

A braclet similar to the one stolen.
A bracelet similar to the one stolen.

Chavez’s mother Lisa Moss, 41, made the decision to have his ashes placed within four bracelets for each of his sons Chavez, 21, Brody, 20, Warren 20, and Anakin, 13 so that they could be “close to their father”.

Lisa said: “It was my idea to have the ashes put in the bracelets.

“We have four sons and as a family have been so distressed but this meant that they could be closer to their dad.

“Chavez is absolutely devastated. He feels like he has let everyone down which he obviously hasn’t.

“We just want the bracelet back.”

Richard Moss (2ndR) with his wife Lisa(L) children Anakin 13 and Brody 20
Richard Moss (2ndR) with his wife Lisa(L) children Anakin 13 and Brody 20

Lisa, a mental health counselor, said: “Richard was complaining of headaches on January 7 and we took him to hospital.

“Originally, they thought it may have been a viral strain of meningitis but he had further scans and was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

“He had an inoperable brain tumour. It was all very sudden.

“He died exactly one month to the day after his diagnosis.

“It was a horrible time and it still doesn’t seem real.”

Chavez, an apprentice electrical engineer from South Ferriby, North Lincs., added: “This has been such a difficult year for us all.

“There was nothing wrong with dad at all before he became ill, it was so unusual for him to even be under the weather.

“It was soul-destroying and a total shock to the system.

“There is a big gap in the family now and whenever I see pictures of us all I can see is the gap that he left.

“This is just salt in the wound.”


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