Determined Driver Finally Passes Test On Sixth Attempt – Aged 70

Penelope Rodgers of Bridlington has passed her test for the first time aged 70.

A determined pensioner has finally passed her driving test on the sixth attempt – at the AGE OF 70.

Penelope Rogers gave up driving fifty years ago after failing her test five times but restarted lessons two years ago after her late husband passed away.

She took up a job as a lollipop lady to pay for the lessons and fulfilled a “lifetime ambition” by passing the test.

Penelope Rodgers of Bridlington has passed her test for the first time aged 70.

Penelope said: “It hasn’t been easy, I didn’t like driving when I first started but as I got better I started to enjoy it.

“It’s so different to when I first learned there was nowhere near as much traffic.

“When I passed I was in shock, I was so happy. It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine and so many people thought I’d never be able to learn now.

“I think it was one of the best days of my life hearing that I’d passed.”

“I wish my father could have seen me on Wednesday he would have been so proud.”

While her seven siblings passed in the 60s, the nerves had always got to Penelope and she gave up trying after her fifth failed attempt.

Penelope, from Bridlington, East Yorks., decided to learn how to drive after the passing of her husband Michael who died three years ago and on her second new attempt she passed last week.

She took up a job as a lollipop lady to help pay for her lessons.

Penelope said: “I really enjoy doing it and the job is so rewarding.

“I was always quite a shy person but now I feel like I could talk to anyone.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to drive and my other big ambition is to visit Australia.

“I haven’t been to Australia yet but I am over the moon to have completed this one.”

Penelope grew up in Bridlington working in factories but moved to West Yorkshire when she married Michael aged 29.

But she moved back to her home town after her husband’s death.

Daughter Serena Rogers said: “I think it’s a fantastic achievement, overcoming grief and a massive change of life to pursue a dream to drive and she deserves recognition.

“It shows that you’re never too old to go for what you want and anything is possible.

“The driving test instructor commented that mum was the oldest person she had taken out and actually passed their test.”

Penelope said she couldn’t thank the driving instructor enough for believing in her that she could do it.


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