Demi Lovato finally returns to work after rehab stint


Demi Lovato has announced her return to work on Twitter almost two months after leaving rehab.

Demi Lovato finally returns to work after rehab stint

The singer and actress yesterday posted a message saying: “First day back to working… I can’t wait to share with you guys what I’m doing today… It’s a big day for me… So excited! I love you all!!!!”

Disney star Demi, 18, fell prey to the child star curse back in December when she pulled out of supporting the Jonas Brothers on their world tour and checked in to a rehab centre for “emotional and physical issues.”

The reasons behind her admission have never been fully revealed, but it was reported that one of her backing dancers had accused the star of attacking her – a complaint which was settled out of court.

Earlier this month she thanked fans for their support in a video message, saying: “I can’t tell you how much light you guys brought in to my life in probably the darkest time of my life.

“Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Her bosses at Disney have also announced that her TV show, Sonny With a Chance, will focus on other characters in order to allow Demi “the time she needs to get well.”


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