Demand For Plumbers In Glasgow Is Set To Skyrocket!



StarOfService, Europe’s online services marketplace leader, has just published the top 10 list of the most in demand services in Glasgow. After analysing all data collected for 2017, and based on statistics from previous years, the platform released interesting information for all Glasgow professionals offering these high demand services.

After the crisis that hit the UK in 2015, British construction professionals and suppliers can finally be optimistic about their businesses. In a recent statement given to the Financial Times about the current status of the sector, the Managing Director of the Builders Merchants Federation, John Newcomb, said that the sector has had a good 2016, registering a growth of more than 5%. Although Brexit was a bit of a curve ball, the members of the federation have very positive expectations for 2017, anticipating a growth in sales this year as well.

The is mainly due to the higher number of housing transactions registered in the UK, which according to National Statistics has hit a 10-year high in March 2016. Along with this phenomenon, all house repair, maintenance, renovation, and construction related services are witnessing a higher demand coming from both new homeowners who want to spruce up their recently bought homes, and from owners of older properties who want to do a quick house renovation to sell their houses at higher prices.

Unsurprisingly, the top two services listed in StarOfService’s top 10 ranking of the most requested services in Glasgow this May 2017, are Plumbing and Window cleaning. In fact, the British Window Cleaning Academy is even promoting window cleaning on their website as a straightforward business, that is both very profitable and in high demand!

«The service categories of Plumbing and Window cleaning topped the list for the first quarter of 2017, and are expected to remain in the top 5 over the next few months. Construction related services in the British market are on a high these days, and this is something that our registered Professionals have been taking advantage off. Also, pet related services are expected to maintain their position in the top 10 during the summer season. Although these services are considered more seasonal, the number of requests received is increasing daily, and we are definitely getting to the season primetime for those as well,» said Monica Zamfir, StarOfService’s International Director.

Here are the top 10 ranking service categories in high demand for Glasgow, released by StarOfService:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Window cleaning
  3. Dog training
  4. Dog walking
  5. Pet grooming
  6. Hair styling
  7. Dermatology
  8. Personal training
  9. Artistic makeup
  10. Driving lessons

This situation is similar in other UK major cities, such as Leeds, London or Sheffield, where the top 10 service categories tend to repeat themselves, although not in the same exact order and with different growth ratios.

Founded in 2013 by Lucas Lambertini, Toni Paignant and Maël Leclair, StarOfService operates in more than 80 countries worldwide, receiving over 200,000 requests from clients per month, all of which are forwarded to the 20,000 StarOfService registered Professionals.

StarOfService ( is an online services platform putting clients and professionals in touch in a very effective and straightforward way. From plumbers and yoga instructors to wedding photographers and DJs, StarOfService offers around 900 different services that can be found under three main categories: home, personal care and wellness and events.

StarOfService also periodically releases lists, rankings and statistics aiming to analyse the market trends, and to provide useful information for professionals and users about their niche areas of business within their city, enabling them to compare market performance with other cities in the country.


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