One of the three self-portraits by David Bowie which have been sold at auction in Penzance. See SWNS story SWBOWIE; Three self-portraits from cultural chameleon David Bowie went under the hammer in Penzance last week. David Lay sold the paintings for a total of £6500 to a bidder from London. All three of the self-portraits were painted during the 1990s and are signed on the back. They form part of the ‘D-Heads’ series which Bowie painted prolifically during that decade. For over 50 golden years Bowie has enjoyed a variety of mediums of artistic expression such as music, art, fashion and film. While a teenager he attended art school and indeed his only O level is in art. Today Bowie has created over 5000 paintings. Auctioneer David Lay was pleased to secure sales at a higher value than anticipated.

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