David Beckham and Victoria reveal their exercise wars


David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham may appear the perfect couple, but the pair have revealed they clash when it comes to working out.

Damien Ramsey has

Victoria admits she is a gym obsessive and runs five miles on her treadmill every day.

She told In Style magazine: “I run four or five miles every day on my treadmill. For me I like the fact I can get off whenever I want. I’ve also started seeing a trainer at the gym and he’s fantastic. Brutal, but absolutely fantastic.”

But hubby David, who is currently working on England’s World Cup bid, finds her love of the gym baffling.

He says: “Victoria’s obsessed with working out. She’s in the gym every morning… But I hate running and not getting anywhere. I like to be outside. I like to run on the roads late at night.”

Slim Victoria also told the magazine that, despite her love of exercise, she tries not to turn work-outs in to a competition with her athletic husband.

She said: “I’m not going to compete with him – are you kidding me? Come on. He has an amazing body. He doesn’t have any fat on him at all.”

Victoria also spoke about her views on plastic surgery, saying: “I have no problem with surgery at all but, for me, it looks ridiculous when you have a face that looks 25 and a body that looks 65.

“I think it’s much more modern to go for a natural look. But ask me next year and that might change.”

Victoria is currently reported to be comforting her friend Eva Longoria through her break-up with husband Tony Parker.


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