Dating website celebrates 10th divorce


A casual dating website is celebrating an unusual milestone – it’s 10th DIVORCE.

Most dating sites boast about finding ”perfect matches” and the number of single members that go on to marry.

But says only a ”tiny fraction” of its users strike a lasting relationship, and that not one has tied the knot.

The majority, including those in long-term relationships, are encouraged to skip small talk – and head straight to bed.

According to spokesman Howard James, this ‘philosophy’ of one-night stands has led to 10 divorces or separations since the site was launched in 2008.

He said: ”We are delighted to have helped so many people leave behind their unhappy relationships and discover new and fulfilling lives.”

The site, a so-called ‘Wedding Free Zone’, introduces folk looking for ”uncomplicated flings”.

Of its 200,000 adult members, a ”significant number” – believed to be in the region of 15 per cent – are married or in relationships.

A recent survey carried out by the site revealed that dozens of ‘love rat’ members have been caught cheating on their partners. Of these, 10 have now formally separated.

”It’s a strange milestone to celebrate, I know,” Howard said. ”But it proves one thing – that the days of old-fashioned romance have long gone.”


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