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Mum tells how miracle baby with genetic condition defied doctors who...

Determined Elle Brant, 21, and partner Denzil Amoah were told their unborn first child had life-limiting Edwards' Syndrome when Elle had her 20-week scan. The condition, also known as Trisomy 18, is caused by an extra chromosome which disrupts growth and in most cases causes miscarriages or stillbirths.

Britain’s oldest ice cream man set to hit the roads aged...

Givonanni has been handed the keys to a lovingly-restored vintage Bedford HA 'Batmobile-style' van after relatives raised £15,000 to treat him. He officially 'retired' in 1995 after spending 27 years selling ice creams in the centre of Cambridge where he become a much-loved local character.

Dog has Britain’s poshest kennel after owner creates palace under the...

Tom Wadsworth, 36, has given his beloved 15-month-old Beagle Jessie her own lavish 'cottage' complete with four-poster bed and Victorian decorations. The unique doggie hideaway is made from secondhand bits and bobs Tom had lying around and cost just £100 to make.

Starting Your Own Online Gambling Business

Tired of working for someone else and dreaming of your own profitable business – consider a possibility of starting up your online gambling website.

Zoo forced to close after thousands of Pokemon Go players turn...

Pokemon hunters descended on Bristol Zoo on Wednesday evening for a 'lure' party, which involves players turning up in one place to catch the virtual pocket monsters. But the zoo reached its 2,000 people capacity within half an hour of opening, with long queues stretching down the road.

Student cracked a dozen double-yolk eggs in a row

Tom Tosetti, 17, couldn't believe his eyes when first seven eggs in the box were all doubles, and started filming - only to find the remaining five were the same. The physics and maths student at Esher College eats about a dozen eggs a week, and said it was very surprising.

Schoolboy engulfed in deodorant horror prank

Kyle Round and a friend were messing around with a Sure aerosol and a cigarette lighter when the freak accident happened. The teenager accidentally dropped the can because it was hot and it exploded when it hit the ground engulfing his face and arms in flames.

Permission granted for modern dwelling in South Downs National Park

Sussex design and planning consultancy, G M Moore & Associates has won approval for a partially underground, ultra-modern, low-carbon building in the South Downs...

Butcher sets a new world record for linking sausages

Tim Brown made 62 bangers in a minute - smashing the previous record of 54 set just last month by a Scottish butcher. He said: "I'm proud of that, but I reckon I could manage even more - I've done 67 in practice."

Disgusting photos of kitchen at Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom’s swanky...

Stomach-churning snaps, taken behind the scenes at The Salutation, show an oven black with grease and overflowing, blocked sinks. In one picture, a leg of rotting lamb, wrapped in a leaking plastic bag, drips to the bottom of a grimy fridge which is thick with grime.

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