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Amsterdam named as Europe’s most expensive city for stag parties

In depth study also shows nine popular countries offer Brits cheaper stag weekends than the UK

Mum whose baby was given a one percent chance of survival...

Cathy Walters, 29, and husband Phillip, 45, were told their baby was likely to die as a result of the early signs of labour and the mum's health was also in danger. Despite weeks of heavy bleeding and weekly visits to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Cathy gave birth to 3lb 9oz Lyndon-Rhys, 30 weeks into the pregnancy.

Tiny boiler room is expected to sell for more than £250,000...

Buying a home in London is getting further out of reach for most people with the average property now costing more than £500,000 for the first time. A typical home costs a staggering £768,000 in fashionable Bloomsbury - but an unusual opportunity has popped up for someone looking to buy in one of the city's most expensive areas for a fraction of the normal price.

Stanley Handling (ROBUR) Named as finalist in FLTA Awards of Excellence...

Stanley Handling (ROBUR) Pedestrian Counterbalanced range of stackers has been named as a finalist in the Safety category for the FLTA (Fork Lift Truck Association) Awards for Excellence 2016. The winners will be revealed on 27th February 2016 at the International Centre in Shropshire.

Statistical analysis highlights British talent making a comeback in US charts

Whilst British artists may not be quite as popular in the States as they were in the glory days of David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd and Queen in the ‘70s and ‘80s, since 2010 Brits are back on the scene after almost disappearing from the US Top 10 in the ‘Noughties’, according to figures gathered by Ticketbis.net.

Hero dad who saved 7-year-old daughter from river drowned after being...

Dean Price, 32, battled to rescue Delilah from the River Esk in the Lake District, Cumbria, when she got into difficulty after going in for a paddle. She was eventually saved by a passerby who dived in but Mr Price was dragged under the water and drowned.

Couple who knew Fred and Rose West and ran their local...

Evil David Williams will serve a minimum 23 years after a judge described his perverted behaviour towards youngsters as 'sick'. The 57-year-old was led away from the dock to rapturous applause from his victims who had packed the public gallery with one shouting that he should "rot in hell."

New Shell TAT approved flange isolation product launched by James Walker

A new Shell TAT approved product from James Walker is set to bring new standards of flange isolation to critical applications in the oil, gas and other processing industries. Isolation gaskets are by their very nature a compromised product as they try to fulfil both sealing and isolating roles at a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

Dairy create nativity scene out of cheddar – including baby Cheesus

A food sculptor spent five days painstakingly crafting the traditional Christmas scene entirely out of cheese. Joseph and Mary, the crib, the shepherds, a sheep, a cow, a donkey, and the Baby Jesus are all carved from cheese - with three wise men bearing gifts of Branston pickle.

Mum of four spent thousands to look like her idol Jack...

Wacky Amanda Sparrow, who changed her surname from Large, splashed out more than £4,000 on turning herself into the character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The 43-year-old mum-of-four dresses as the pirate daily and she even changed her surname last month through deed poll.

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