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A woman didn’t know she was part of a powerful gang...

Abi Keogh had no idea she was part of a powerful crime family until she opted to take a module in crime fiction as an English Literature student. She had been brought up by father Eddie Fewtrell - who had kept her sheltered from his role as a criminal underworld kingpin.

Super-slimmer who shed a remarkable eight stone has hardly dropped a...

Curvy Claire Tickle, 39, suffers from lipoedema - a painful condition which sees fat cells expand in the legs so they grow to the size of tree trunks. The learning support assistant tipped the scales at 28 stone - struggling into size 28 trousers and size 20 tops - when she decided to go on a diet.

CCMS Launch Contactcentrelocator.com

CCMS offers two free services to either find an outsource contact centre for a clients needs, or review a client’s existing outsource arrangements to make sure they are getting value for money and the right level of performance from them. Contact Centre Locator has been developed after demands from Contact centre Managed Services clients, where clients need reliable outsource partners, but the client does not have the experience or knowledge of the market to be able to find a partner who can deliver.

Economy is Impossible to Forecast Says Model Boss Mike Illes

This finding is announced on the day that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that UK Gross domestic product grew by just 0.5% between July and September, down from 0.7% in the second quarter (http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/gva/gross-domestic-product–preliminary-estimate/q3-2015/stb-gdp-preliminary-estimate.html)

Mum’s fury as daughter who suffered years of bullying over her...

Lexi Shaw was shocked when she received the script in the post with her initials next to the lardy male role for the Year 8 production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She was invited to learn some of Gloop's lines, which included: "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, I love the chocolate, I must eat all the time, Ummmmm!"

Nursing staff issued parking ticket after helping pensioner for three minutes

Kind Henry Redmond, 22, was forced to pull over onto double yellow lines when he saw the elderly woman face down after suffering a nasty fall. But he says he was then unfairly punished for going to the casualty's aid by a heartless traffic warden who carried on issuing the #35 fine instead of coming over to help.

A family have spent £20,000 transforming their home into a brilliant...

The Waltons have splashed out on film-quality costumes and pneumatic props from the US to make their house into a 'Zombie Apocalypse' for a huge public party. The two-day extravaganza at their modest family home in Preston will be open to anyone and is free entry, and they are expecting more than 1,000 people.

Cream of the crop

The new supplement, which is rubbed directly into muscles, stops the build-up of painful lactic acid and is clinically proven to improve performance over time. Currently, scores of top athletes and clubs in the US and the UK, including seven Premiership teams, are already reaping the benefits of the unique gel – and amateur athletes could soon be following suit.

Transdev Leads the Way with Parkeon’s New Generation Driver Console

Transdev has ordered 180 of the latest driver console to drive its automatic fare collection system and to act as a real-time data hub linked to a new centralised cloud-based back office developed by Parkeon. The investment will see the Wayfarer6 installed across the operator’s entire fleet in Lancashire, supporting the NoWcard concessionary scheme as well as Transdev’s own commercial ITSO products.

The gadget moving the nation

Swegways became the must-have gadget this year but hit the headlines after being banned from being ridden on public roads.

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