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Real life Delboy! Hilarious moment a drinker falls in Lancashire pub...

It's considered one of the iconic moments in British television - wannabe yuppie Delboy and his dim witted mate Trigger visit a London wine bar but, hilariously, whilst 'playing it nice and cool' Del falls through the open bar hatch. Road sweeper Trigger, uncomfortable in his suit, looks round confused until wheeler dealer Delboy pops back up again and they scarper a very un-cushty fashion.

Un-ewe-sual passenger! Met Police stunned during routine traffic stop to find...

Officers were talking to the driver when they spotted the farmyard animal in the boot of the black Volvo at around 6pm on Sunday. The "sheepish" driver explained the sheep, named Amy, was the mascot for St George's Hospital and was being driven home to nearby Kingston City Farm.

Explorer Adrian Hayes quits expedition and helps earthquake-hit Nepalese communities

Adrian was 18km from Everest Base Camp when the quake struck on Saturday killing at least 7,000 people as it tore through communities.

Whatever the manifesto UK taxpayers want the financials right

Whether the Conservatives take outright control, the Labour party returns to power or another coalition is formed all taxpayers will be considering the ramifications.

Confused Kitten! Tiny moggie to rival Angry Cat due to its...

The eight-week-old moggie has gone viral since his owners aptly named him 'Confused Kitten'. He even has his own Facebook page which is quickly gathering 'likes', as he tries to rival internet sensation Grumpy Cat.

Fathers desperate plea for information as his son lies in a...

Connor Cahalane-Toon, 16, was on his motorbike when he rode straight into a neck-high rope in woodland. The rope hit him just under his Adam's apple and almost severed his windpipe meaning the teen could never speak again.

Meet Britains SMALLEST puppy…so tiny she thinks she’s a kitten

The pocket-sized Chihuahua was part of a litter of three born on January 25 - but hasn't grown since she was eight-weeks-old. The tiny pooch weighs just 14oz (405g) - lighter than a bag of sugar - and can be carried around by owner Natalie Vanes, 26, in the palm of her hand.

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