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World’s thinnest clip case SlimClip releases updated third version

The SlimClip Case V3 for iPhone has a number of new features and improvements and the timing of its release couldn’t be any better, given the new release of the iPhone 6 and the consumer response.

Cutting waiting lists for mental health treatment ‘will save lives’

In a survey of 2,000 patients one in 10 was said to be waiting more than a year just to be assessed for treatment, and one in six made an attempt on their life whilst on a waiting list.

Half of women have a ‘Plan B’ man if their relationship...

A study carried out among 1,000 women found a substantial percentage have managed to keep another man waiting patiently in the wings should they end up single . And, worryingly, married women are more likely have a Plan B in the background than those who are merely in a relationship.

Half of women have a man on standby in case their...

Half of all women have a 'Plan B' - in the shape of a man whose arms they can run into if their current...

Palamedes PR Appointed by Gigi’s of Mayfair

Gigi's, a modern Italian restaurant on Woodstock Street, holds up to 50 guests and boasts its own VIP area.

London has ‘overtaken Paris as Europe’s cuisine capital’

The city’s top-end restaurants are now “notably better” than those in the French capital because Britons are embracing the “candid cynicism” of US visitors.

Five advantages of using professional cleaners

While there are many benefits to scrubbing the floor yourself (after all you’ll burn off some calories and get things looking just as you want them) there are also plenty of reasons to call in the big guns.

GSM London offers campus tours or one-on-one meetings

Nothing beats speaking one-to-one with an advisor when deciding on a place of study and GSM London’s course advisors really understand where their students are coming from.

Apps the ‘best way to build customer loyalty in restaurants’

According to research commissioned by Judo Payments, 71 per cent of UK consumers are more likely to return to a restaurant if it offers a loyalty scheme.

Average Brit will lose contact with HALF of their friends

A study charting the social lives of 2,000 Brits showed the average person cuts ties with five friends and family members in their lifetime following a serious fallout.

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