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How to get a six pack this summer

Thankfully, getting a six-pack is remarkable easy. It just takes the right combination of diet, exercise and determination.

How has volunteering evolved?

In pre-industrial societies - and in developing countries today - mutual self-help was and is vital to the survival of rural communities.

Rowan Atkinson helps driver of McLaren F1 after supercar horror smash

The Mr Bean and Blackadder star had had been taking part in a supercar tour when the American businessman crashed. He managed to lose control of 240mph McLaren before smashing into a tree with the British supercar ending up on its roof.

The pictures that put the NHS to shame: Mother, 45, curled...

Margaret Lamberty had a history of blood clots but her family claim medics failed to carry out the proper tests when she was admitted to hospital with chronic stomach pain. Instead, the mother-of-four was left in a side ward for three days before she died of multiple organ failure triggered by clots in her bowel.

Woman, 35, in line for six-figure payout after walking into a...

Kirstie Hawes, 35, said she failed to see the 78cm-high obstacle as she made her way home from a karaoke night out with friends.

British police begin using lie detectors for the first time to...

Hertfordshire police, who are trialling a scheme examining the use of polygraphs, are sending a team on an 11-week course.

Arctic Monkeys gig so loud it shook homes more than FOUR...

Homes near Finsbury Park in north London were left shaking following the two night concert. Music levels showed the performance in the park was the loudest ever - despite the venue hosting rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine in the past.

Naturist couple get married in Britain’s first NAKED Pagan wedding

John and Helen Donson stripped off to tie the knot in front of dozens of like-minded naked friends.

Four A-list celebrities who suffer from tinnitus

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears that is caused by exposure to loud music. It's very common among musicians and racing drivers. Here are just a few celebs who suffer with it.

10 crafting ideas for young children

Children are often fascinated more by cardboard packaging than any expensive gifts, so make the most of their curiosity.

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