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The great British summer: Make the most of your garden!

Although the weather is dismal, there is no need to neglect the outdoors and it still can be used to its full purpose particularly on the rare days of sunshine we have experienced.

Taxi driver who was trapped underwater in his crashed car for...

Mark Beckford, 44, came off a busy A road after being startled by a fox at 2am and his red MG ZR private taxi plunged into a ditch 4ft-deep with water.

Pet dog survives after being attacked by wasps and stung 130...

Cocker spaniel Betty was out walking when she was bombarded by a huge swarm of angry wasps.

Drunk mum who crashed on the school run seriously injuring her...

Helena Kruzewski, 50, caused a huge pile-up when she smashed into a truck after downing rum and cokes the night before.

Randy nurse struck off after slapping a colleague’s bottom and offering...

David Robertson was sacked after lifting up his colleague's uniform and repeatedly touching her.

Romanian immigrant raped and battered a woman THREE MONTHS after arriving...

George-Josif Blaj, 20, walked into Britain unchecked despite being convicted of raping a woman in Romania. Within three months of moving to Northampton, he subjected a woman in her 20s to a harrowing sex attack in her own home on February 1 this year.

Stately home owner BANS women’s group from visiting after being subjected...

William Cash, 47, branded members of Worcester Townswomen's Guild "blue-rinse battle-axes".

Entrepreneur cashes in from cold callers… by changing his landline to...

Fed-up Lee Beauchamp, 25, found himself inundated with PPI firms and other cold callers ringing him on his landline.

Cycling and the Olympic effect

London 2012 boasted how it would 'inspire a generation' of young athletes - but did it have an effect on cycling in the UK?

New website checks your internet search privacy

CheckMyPrivacy.net quickly scans the visitor’s Internet access portal and locates security gaps. Also available via the website are powerful privacy solutions that allow Internet users to browse the Internet in complete anonymity and safety.

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