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Armed police with machine guns swoop on teenagers playing in the...

The two boys and three girls sparked terror when they brandished their lookalike pistol.

Hundreds of starlings form stunning black cloud in the sky

Engineer David Atkinson, 52, captured the phenomenon, known as a 'murmuration' on his camera phone.

iPhone knuckle duster case made famous by Rihanna is BANNED from...

The metal phone case became a Hollywood sensation after the singer was pictured using one last year.

He’s cruci-fit! Dedicated Christian hauls 12ft wooden cross around the world…...

Lindsay Hamon, 60, has trekked with the crucifix through 19 countries including India, New Zealand, Romania and Sri Lanka.

Britain’s oldest first-time buyer gets on the property ladder… aged 90

Great-grandmother of four Hannah Cameron bought the apartment after her husband Bill died.

Britain’s first stuntman academy teaches pupils how to walk on FIRE

The school also has lessons in walking over broken glass and breaking arrows with the throat.

Teacher at grammar school romped with schoolgirl, 17, after buying her...

Paul Brayford, 43, bombared the girl, known as 'Student A', with saucy texts.

Woman, 28, escaped attack from boyfriend by hiding in RABBIT HUTCH

Sarah Wells was subjected to a two hour beating by Michael McGraw.

Police hunting theif who stole diamond ring from widow as she...

Wendy Dolton, 65, was just hours from death when the sentimental gold band went missing.

Boy, 5, used parents’ iPad to play a free game but...

Mischievous five year-old Danny Kitchen told his dad he needed his passcode to get the Zombie v Ninja app from the Apple store. Parents Greg and Sharon eventually gave in and left Danny alone on the tablet computer as they entertained friends at their home.

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