Darren Bent appears on Wikipedia under ‘panic buying’


An online prankster has vandalised the Wikipedia entry for ‘panic buying’ by adding Aston Villa’s record signing of Darren Bent to the article.

Darren Bent appears on Wikipedia under 'panic buying'

The England striker was a shock signing for the struggling Midlands outfit when he yesterday left Sunderland in a deal rumoured to be worth an eye-watering £24 million.

And now his move has  been added to Wikipedia by one cheeky football fan.

According to the online encyclopaedia, which recently celebrated its tenth birthday, panic buying is an ‘imprecise common use term to describe the act of people buying unusually large amounts of a product in anticipation of or after a disaster or perceived disaster’.

While not a traditional disaster, Vila football fans will see relegation as a matter of life and death.

Bent’s comedy addition to the entry puts the 26-year-old striker next to a handful of very significant historical events.

This includes the panic buying of fuel for the 1973 oil crisis and food and water in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Darren Bent appears on Wikipedia under 'panic buying'

Aston Villa is Bent’s third new club in four years following his £16.5 million arrival at Spurs from Charlton in 2007.

He left the north London club in 2009, joining Sunderland for an initial fee of £10 million where he scored an impressive 32 goals in 58 appearances.

Aston Villa’s signing of the prolific striker shows their trust in manager Gerard Houllier, who has struggled in his return to the Premier League this season – with the Birmingham outfit languishing in 17th place.

Bent has denied he’s a footballing mercenary and that his move to the Midlands was not motivated by money, describing it as “an opportunity which doesn’t come round too often.”

Picture Credit: Vic.T on Flickr


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