Dame Helen Mirren swears on BBC Breakfast


Screen and stage idol Dame Helen Mirren turned the airwaves blue today when she uttered the phrase ”You little s**t” on breakfast TV.

Oscar-winning Dame Helen, famously known for her portrayal as Queen Elizabeth II, let slip while on the BBC Breakfast sofa at 9am.

When asked about the habitual swearing of fellow stage star John Gielgud, who died in 2000, she told presenter Sian Williams: ”He always took, kind of, edgy choices.”

BBC presenter Sian replied: ”And he swore a lot as I remember.”

Mimicking the actor, Dame Helen, 65, said: ”Well in that sort of wonderful voice he had, ‘You little Shit’.”

She suddenly realises what she has said before embarrassingly clasping her hand to her mouth and nervously laughing.

Sian then said: ”We can’t say that.”

Fellow Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull tried to play down the incident by saying: ”That never happened. If you heard that we are very sorry.”

Dame Helen was on the show to promote her new role as Hobson, in her latest film, Arthur, a character originally played by John Gielgud in 1981.

After the outburst stunned viewers flooded Twitter commenting on the incident.

One, called ‘jambocarrie’ wrote: ”#Helenmirren just swore on live TV! Thought she was a dame and posh.”

Another called Chrissie7 wrote: ”Tee hee #Helenmirren potty mouthed on BBC breakfast – fab.”

Dame Helen appears alongside fellow Brit Russell Brand in the cinematic re-make of Arthur – a romantic comedy in which Brand plays an irresponsible billionaire whose mother gives him a difficult ultimatum.



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