Dairy create nativity scene out of cheddar – including baby Cheesus


It’s the baby cheesus – the Nativity made from 40kg of cheddar.

A food sculptor spent five days painstakingly crafting the traditional Christmas scene entirely out of cheese.

Joseph and Mary, the crib, the shepherds, a sheep, a cow, a donkey, and the Baby Jesus are all carved from cheese – with three wise men bearing gifts of Branston pickle.


The figures stand inside a cheese stable measuring 40 cm x 15 cm and the whole scene is illuminated and gives off a bright yellow glow.

The cracking effort was made by food artist Prudence Staite, who softened 40kg of cheese in a special food processor, to shape the meticulously-sculpted model.


She used a cocktail stick and a magnifying glass to create the face of Jesus, who even has his own shaved cheese straw.

After carving the figures and their faces she stored them in a fridge to firm them up for the display.

Artist Prudence Staite who has made a nativity scene made out of cheese (SWNS Group)
Artist Prudence Staite who has made a nativity scene made out of cheese (SWNS Group)

Prudence, 36, of Tewkesbury, Glos whose previously works include burlesque star Dita von Cheese, said: “Creating the whole sculpture was a real challenge as it’s so intricate.

“Sculpting the faces of Mary and Joseph was very difficult and fiddly, but I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out.”


The model was commissioned by cheese makers Pilgrims Choice who have yet to decide where to display it.

A spokesman for Pilgrims Choice said: “We wanted to have some fun and create the ultimate Christmas nativity scene from our mature cheddar cheese.

“We believe that Christmas isn’t complete without a good nativity and great cheese.”

Have a grate time – here are some songs to sing around the cheese nativity:

* O camembert all ye faithful
* Awhey in a manager
* Good King Wensleydale
* Sing Hallel-oumi
* The Holly and the Chivey
* Rocking around the Christmas Brie
* Jingle Smells


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