Collect photo taken in hospital four days after Dan Walkers e-cigarette exploded in his pocket causing serious burns to his legs. 18 February 2016.

See News Team story NTIECIG; A Tamworth man has been left scarred for life after the e-cigarette battery he had in his trouser pocket exploded “like a firework” setting his leg on fire and leaving him with second and third degree burns. “I HAVE been traumatised for life, to hear a bang and look down to see your leg on fire is not something I would wish on anyone, and the pain I felt was something that was out of this world.” These are the words of Tamworth man Dan Walker, who suffered second and third degree burns after an e-cigarette battery in his trouser pocket exploded and set fire to his leg. The 20-year-old of Brook Avenue, in Wilnecote, who was out shopping in Birmingham at the time of the incident, desperately tried to pull down his jogging trousers in the middle of the centre, as the flames ripped into the skin of his left leg. He was rushed to the specialist burns unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and doctors have said Dan may need a skin graft to repair the damage caused by the burning battery, which was bought in Tamworth.

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