Dad Slams Housing Association For Forcing Him To Share A Bedroom With His Daughter For Eight Years

Michael O'Sullivan and his daughter honey.
Michael O'Sullivan and his daughter honey.
Michael O’Sullivan and his daughter honey.

A dad has been forced to share a bedroom with his daughter for seven years because his housing association refused to move them into a bigger home – because he’s single.

Michael O’Sullivan, 55, and Honey, ten, have spent seven years on a housing waiting list and are desperate to give Honey the space and privacy she needs growing up.

The window cleaner, who sleeps on the floor and gives his daughter the double bed, spent thousands of pounds in legal fees getting custody for Honey eight years ago.

Mike has had sole custody of Honey since she was two, and is desperate to move out of his flat in Borehamwood, Herts, because he’s fed up with sleeping on the floor.

Mike said: “Anybody in a similar situation would look at me and think, I’m not doing that. I should be being helped.

“I love my daughter and I love having her here and I’m happy I fought to have her but we still need our own space.

“We need to be able to move on with our lives, and we can’t do that if we are cooped up in the same room.”


Housing Association Affinity Sutton have offered the father and daughter accommodation in a block of flats with a reputation for drug and alcohol consumption and so does not want his daughter to grow up there.

Honey said:

“It makes me really upset as I need my own space and my own privacy.

“I get on with my dad but there isn’t enough room, I would love to have my own bedroom.

“I really like my school, all the teachers are really nice and I have lots of friends so I would hate to leave them all behind.”


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