Cricket match abandoned after terrified teams come under gunfire


Two cricket teams dived for cover and hid in the dressing room – after they came under GUNFIRE.

The umpire was forced to abandon the game after several bullets narrowly missed three players on Saturday evening.

Griff and Coton Cricket Club in Nuneaton, Warks., were taking on local rivals Oakfield when the gunman opened fire.

The terrified players dashed into the dressing room in the pavilion while the umpire dialled 999.

One player from Griff and Coton said: ”It was quite scary.

”We first heard a crack and saw something fly across at a glance but ignored it.

”Then we heard a second bang and that split two players but the third time what we thought was a bullet flew under the arm of one of the fielders and bounced off the floor ten feet away.

”There was no way that it was air gun pellet because it shook the ground.”

Astonishingly, several players wanted to restart the match after the attack.

Griff captain Asif Patel, 43, added: ”We all went off the pitch and discussed whether to carry on.

”We decided not to because the safety of the players is the most important thing.

”Nothing like this has ever happened before at the club.

”The league say they’ve never heard anything like it either. It was a total shock.”

Incredibly, no one was hurt in the attack which happened shortly after 6pm.

Warwickshire Police were called and unarmed patrol officers attended but no one was arrested.

A spokeswoman said: ”Police officers did receive a call after reports of people hearing what appeared to be gun shots or gun fire.

”Patrol officers attended the scene and investigations are still ongoing into exactly what happened.”


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